Bathing suits, maxi dresses and something shiny


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> Oh wait, it’s almost fall? Clearly my shopping habits aren’t up to speed yet for the colder months ahead! Oh well, the deals were great and a girl can’t have too many bathing suits and a maxi dress is great for fall layering, right?

And that shiny thing? Yep, I purchased one. And no, I don’t need it – in case your were wondering. The title of this post clearly doesn’t indicate ‘needs,’ does it? Sheeeesh, I’m on vacation! Quick recap on day one down here in Georgia:
Enjoyed my mechanically-inclined-father’s reading collection of good magazines while enjoying fresh fruit and his amazing museli
Went on an accidental shopping spree that I’ve been planning all summer and dragged my parents along
Supported local businesses in downtown Cartersville, Georgia (part of the shopping spree!)
Looked through photo albums with my grandma and learned about my family history

A few tidbits on my family:
Great-grandfather went by Skeeze in place of his real name, Angus.
His brother’s name? Merlin. Apparently both good Scottish names and I freaking adore them!
Angus, aka Skeeze, changed his middle name from LuEllen to Victor…can’t imagine why?

We’re longtime Chicago folks. My family has a bible that survived the Chicago Fire with my ancestors names and birthdays all written in the inside cover! I have the cutest picture of my great grandmother, Nanny (real name Mary like all Irish Catholics; married Skeeze), sunning on North Ave. beach in the late 1920s with her best friend Hazel. Both of them lived late into their nineties! Tough Chicago babes, for sure.

Last little tidbit of my family is that my grandfather, Phil, worked in the building next to where I work now! He was a nineteen-fifties and -sixties ad man for Leo Burnett. And he dabbled in PR. Pretty cool that I’m following in his footsteps fifty years later. Hope y’all are having a great weekend! I’ll be at the pool all day, fingers crossed I don’t burn my armpits like last year!

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