Kayaking, sunning and eating in Georgia


Here’s where I’m writing from – my weekend perch out on the porch. I swear the sky is bluer here and the sun is brighter.

Today we kayaked, read lazily in the afternoon, then floated in the pool for a couple hours. The plan is to get enough sun to last me through December in Chicago.


Check out that kayak carrying contraption! Impressive.


We were only hauling one kayak, but you should see the advanced know-work that keeps this thing secured. Impressive again.


Putting kayaks in and out of a lake from a slip is wayyyy less scary than a motorboat.


Can you guess which one I picked? Hint: it matches my new smart cover for my big honking mobile device.


Lake Allatoona is low but the red Georgia clay is so pretty all around the lake. Off to go eat my favorite meal, steaks cooked on a Weber Grill by my dad! Until tomorrow, y’all, take care.

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