On fishing liceneses, fires and nature


A quick shot of what it looks like when an end of August wildfire burns part of my parents neighborhood. Absolutely no injuries and the fire was contained, thankfully. It is scary to breathe the smoke, see the charred landscape and watch the ground smolder two days later! Unfortunately an old cabin, likely from the twenties or thirties burned to the ground. The fire is under investigation and the neighborhood ladies, my mom included, have all sorts of theories, but at the end of the day everyone is thankful that there wasn’t more damage.


Do you know the fines for fishing without a fishing license by the DNR (Dept. of Natural Resources)? Freaking severe! But, with this handy sheet of paper I can fish and hunt for three days in Georgia. Don’t worry, I don’t hunt 🙂 and I almost never actually catch fish. But the license is for the act of trying to catch fish, not actually catching them. The licenses can be purchased quickly and easily off the state’s DNR site for about $20 for non-residents. My dad said his was wayyy less for a two year, like $16! It is silly not to buy one. Seriously, if you don’t buy one, you will get checked by a park ranger and fined, no fun! Those dudes are serious and smiling a lot won’t get you anywhere with them. And that was your friendly lesson in the legalities of fishing from yours truly.

I’ll be sure to post a picture anything I catch because it’ll be a miracle. Also, keep your fingers crossed we don’t get a little thunderstorm while we’re out there because I’ll freak! Loving being outside, driving through the forest and relaxing on a lake.

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