A perfect Sunday night and my favorite fall food


First carmel apple of the season? Check.


Large glass of wine in one of my new comically large (20 oz.) wine glasses? Check.


Catching up on fall magazines and football? Check.

Smiling all the way until Monday. Oh, and I’m plotting two dinner parties. One informal pasta and wine night with two lovely ladies that I travelled to Spain with my senior year of college. Another with the people with which I started my career, and whom have turned into some of the best friends I could ask for. This includes @itsgrant and @jeanaanderson, among others. Fall is my favorite season for relaxing and cherishing time with family and friends and seasonal foods. What do you love about fall?

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2 thoughts on “A perfect Sunday night and my favorite fall food

  1. When I got home from Iowa tonight, I sat down with a glass of cranberry juice and caught up on my mags–Marie Claire (Reese looks so good on that cover), SPIN and Entrepreneur (a cover story on brainstorming caught my eye). We are nerds!


  2. Gloria, I want to check out Entrepreneur! Is it good? I stick to suck fluffy magazines, with a dash of history via the Smithsonian. Not sure if I’m ready to mix work and play 🙂


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