Wide open spaces and getting ready for the holidays

This summer I visited Colorado for a long weekend with Leo and I wrote that pretty mountains > skyscrapers. This is still the truth, but I’m not planning a trip back in the winter as I’d originally hoped. Fingers crossed for the spring! Instead of going to Colorado to see more pretty mountains and breath nice air, I’ll be dropping in for a weekend in Kansas City and then staying the city for the holidays.

I’m taking a full (and much needed) week off of work and will be relaxing with my family. Looking forward to it, but I’m also wishing I could get out of the city for the week! Going to need to figure something out to get me some fresh air. Maybe walking down Michigan Ave. with the Christmas Lights? It is one of my favorite times of the year to be in Chicago!

Take a look at these pictures to assist with day dreaming 😉




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