Lincoln Park Lovelies and The Barrelhouse Flat

Alternate post title? Dos equis + mojito + lemon drop + corpse reviver = my first amazing headache ever. After a long couple of weeks at work (tis the time of the year), my best friend in the world texted me to get dinner with some friends. After a bit of pressure, I caved and said sure, I’m in. Zapatista’s in Lincoln Park was the plan!

This place is great for a group of girls (@jstelz86 @BOLTRON5k @anniet23 @kpitt99) that like to linger, its big enough that you won’t feel bad sitting at a table for a three hour dinner because the place wasn’t packed with folks waiting for tables. Our waitress was great, I’ve had her multiple times and they take care of you but you’ll never feel rushed. A Dos Equis Amber for me, the girls had mojitos and margaritas. After tasting one of their mojitos, I HAD to have one. Yup – first mojito in my life. I’m a huge fan and can’t believe I’ve missed out for so long. After dinner (steak burrito for me, suiza style) the manager offered us a round of shots on our way out. These girls don’t decline free tequila apparently. I stuck to a fruity lemon drop to keep it fun and because I am not a tequila fan.


Warm and toasty after two drinks and a shot we headed out to The Barrelhouse Flat, a new pseudo-prohibition era styled bar. Great atmosphere with piano players tapping away some lively jazz, the bar is super unpretentious and warm. As someone that doesn’t believe in waiting in live for a bar on principal alone, I can honestly say I’m happy we waited for twenty minutes because the place wasn’t packed. We ordered off of the extensive and creative cocktail list. I had the gin-based Corpse Reviver which came highly recommended from the door guy (I would call him a bouncer, but he was too kind for that title). Jess had something thick and frothy because it had egg whites in it, but tasted similar to a french martini. So good! Mine was strong with the gin and orange bitters but I loved it.


(of course my photo in a dark bar from my mobile does the menu no justice, but trust me, this place is a must based on this drink menu)

After waiting at a table downstairs for about twenty minutes we were escorted upstairs into a dark, large area with a warm fireplace, velvet couches and an awesome looking bar. Our waiter, Kenny, was great; he chatted us up about the cocktails and which were his favorite and his new pooch. He was also kind enough to send us the specialty popcorn of the night – bacon. Bacon popcorn is a must, strong drinks in a beautiful bar is a gift and a chilly November with a wonderful group of ladies is always a necessity. Today, that Dos Equis, mojito, lemon drop and Corpse Reviver left me with my first headache ever and it wasn’t even a super late night. Totally worth it!


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