Defining #eliza2012

…but first, 2011 in review:
Big steps for my average feet
Moved in with my best friend in the entire world – cohabitation is amazing!
Cultivated and nurtured the best friendships imaginable
Grew at a steady pace professionally (world domination is on hold while I learn as much as possible)
Enjoyed time with the people I love and care about the most


“There’s no limit to how much you’ll know, depending how far beyond zebra you go.” – Seussism

I didn’t make it beyond zebra, but I’m really happy about the places I visited!

  • Georgia – loved the colors, the accents, the outdoors, but mostly loved being home with my parents
  • Kansas City (in both states) – loved the weather, the food, the art (first Fridays are so great) and the pace of life
  • Wisconsin – I camped and slept like a baby on the ground in a warm tent, so great!
  • Florida – great weather, great scenery, all around a great place to run away from Chicago for a few days
  • Vegas – there really aren’t words. I had the best four days with three of the smartest and most inspirational ladies! Sunshine helps all.
  • Colorado (Denver and Pueblo) – fell madly in love with feeling small, a strange feeling that I will revel in every time I return to one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been

Adult-ish stuff:
Re-orged my closet at least four times. I bought a car, got a credit card (paid off in full monthly, so mentally rewarding), attempted to donate a third of my wardrobe and lost track, and acquired more purses and shoes than needed. Came close to replenishing my funds to pre-car prosperity and happily went way over budget on Christmas shopping.

All said and done, 2011 was very successful! Sure, there were about thirty setbacks that I left out because studies show that people put their best foot forward on social media.. but seriously, this one goes down in the books as a win. 

#eliza2012 is going to kick ass. But I’m not defining it until my next post. No expectations until February my lovely readers (hi Mama and Papa) 🙂 when I have something to report on either successfully or in-progress.

Happy 2012, y’all, and here’s to a great year!




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