The year ahead – food, friends, books and nail polish

I wrote all about the year in review a few days ago and have already enjoyed going back to read it a few times. It is great to relive and analyze the treats in life to seek out your next dessert. So, let’s talk about #eliza2012. Call me crazy, but so-call “resolutions” shouldn’t feel like punishments to your day-to-day happiness. My year is going to be full of things that make me happy – good food, great friends, nail polish, books, magazines, spending money and enjoying nice things.

Basically, that could be an anti-resolutions list but let me explain –

I want to eat anything that tastes good and doesn’t make me sick. I’m getting back into enjoying food and this is going to be my year of eating. I used to get sick from food but, I’ve been feeling much better, so I want to eat more of it! That means new restaurants, new dishes, new creations, and health considerations will be on the back burner so long as I don’t get sick which is a huge health consideration. If I gain 75 lbs from my new years resolution, I’ll reassess, but I’m confident I’ll be fine for the year eating anything that I want.

Great friends, good food and spending money are all closely linked. I have a purse collection that rivals a small store and I have more shoes that I’ll ever wear. So, instead of buying a new purse or new shoes or jeans (I don’t NEED any more), I’ll be spending my discretionary income on my relationships. More eating with Leo, more eating with girl friends, more hanging out with people I love and by default, more spending of money on what matters. More making things from scratch, like this pillow (promise I won’t brag on any more social networks about this pillow, but I’m pumped that I sewed it from scratch with Suzanne’s help). 


Nail polish – oh how I love thee. I paint my nails every week, it is relaxing and it is all about “me time.” Here’s the first rendition of Manic(ure) Monday … yes, its Sunday, no I don’t care if I’m a day early. This week is OPI French Quarter for your Thoughts with OPI Muppet’s collection, Rainbow Connection. Oh and that background of the photo? It’s the pillow I made this weekend!


On the books front, I just finished “The Paris Wife” by Paula McLain” and it was GREAT. I’m about a third of the way through “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” by John Berendt, and next up is a book by my aunt, Janet Renu Pullen called “In Secret and Shadows.” Go buy this book. Not just because she’s my aunt šŸ™‚ take a look at the comments on the book on Amazon.

Enjoying nice things is all about investing in what matters. A FULL breakdown of my finances from 2011 will come later this month as I’m nothing worrying about finances until February. Just a warning, its going to be brutal. But it’ll help me understand what I want to invest in for 2012! Until next time… Off to go eat some grub and drink some wine!



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