And we’re off!

Movers came early yesterday morning and packed up the apartment. Lesson: read contracts before signing them. We had to get a UHaul because the weight estimate on our stuff was about 1500 lbs off. Whoopsies.


Took a few spins around the old neighborhood! I’ll miss the ballpark, but I won’t miss the hecticness of my least favorite teams’ crazy day drunk fans. I maybe I will?


And then, we headed out of Chicago. We spent the night at Leo’s moms house to get a full dinner (Lou Malnati’s!! Going to miss that!) and see Leo’s parents.


After a full dinner with Leo’s mom, stepdad and best friend, we crashed in bed and slept like babies! Moving is tough! Today, we are off to Kansas City to see Leo’s dad and then onto the Rockies. Woohoo!


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