Moving Day 2: KC to Co.

So many cows in Kansas! The rolling hills in central Kansas were beautiful. Did you know the one Kansas farmer feeds like 139 people? Have you thanked a farmer recently??


More wind farms, more of me in awe.


Finally, we made it to Colorado!!! I was worried for the first few hours into the state as I couldn’t see the mountains. For about an hour I thought that some clouds were the mountains. You fooled me mother nature…


Here we are driving into the mountains. This is when it all started feeling real – we are moving to Colorado! Crazy.


Crazier yet? Sexy sun tans. Leo’s got two different color arms.


I’m multicolored. With a stripe. That’s what happens when you drive across the country with your window down and arm out the window. Good thing people in Denver don’t judge. Tomorrow’s post – the apartment! See you then loves!


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