Meet my new apartment!

Leo’s opening the door for the first time! That was one week ago, we had just driven forever and ever but we made it. Totally par for the crazy-person course, we had no idea what it looked like! This was the second place we looked at. The first was a cute two bedroom house with a huge yard. Sounds dreamy, right? Only down side was that nothing was walk able, not even any little restaurants! Upside was a gorgeous park! But it didn’t feel right, we wanted something a bit more walk able. So, we ended up in an apartment in an old Victorian mansion in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver. More on the neighborhood this week as we explore!


Can’t you see the goofy grin on my face? Exposed brick, mantle and fireplace? Yep, I’m cheering.


Matching wood blinds on all the windows? Not the usual white nasty ones in rentals? Awesome.


We put a big white trunk in the bay window for storage and so we can have more seating in the kitchen. I never sit on chairs in the kitchen so it’ll be nice have the bench!


That’s home!


And, last but not least, the smallest but nicest kitchen I’ve ever had! Granite countertops! A real sink! A deep sink! Dishwasher! Its an efficient space, the landlord is French and designed it in a European style. European = super nice but super small. I dig it. As far as the decor? Currently its all boxes…we will get there next week!


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