Easter in SoCo

Southern Colorado you lushes, not the drink!


Part of the reason we picked Colorado for our next life adventure is because it is one of a handful close to family. Leo’s family lives about an hour and half outside of Denver and its a great drive. Once out of the city, you drive through Castle Rock – a super pretty suburbia. Eventually you hit Colorado Springs and the thing that convinced me this state was right for me – the Garden of the Gods. That pic on my about me tab? Yep – that’s it! Back to Easter… Leo’s been teasing me about learning to cook Mexican food like his aunts for as long as I can remember. So, after church into the kitchen we went. His aunt Mona showed me how to mix water, flour, Bisquick and a dash of (optional) shortening. Leo’s grandma laughed and explained that she could teach me the real way, but why bother when this is simple, fast and just as good?


That’s a teaching face and learning apron!


The mixing is fairly simple, just have to get the texture of the dough right. Then it’s the flattening and making round – aka making it into a tortilla!! I must brag – his aunt and grandma gave me a ton of praise on the roundness and size of my tortillas…


Prep work. Cost? Anxiety and fear of failure. Finished product and a big grin. Cost? Free. Approval of the aunt and grandma? Priceless. And that was Easter in Pueblo, Co!


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