Manic(ure) Monday: Spring Ombre and Colorblock Toes

After moving across the country, I’m back! And man did I need to take care of the digits. No love for three weeks is bad for the little suckers. I wanted something bright for spring and wanted to take care of a myself for a few hours. Here’s the result!


Exotic Liras, Braziliant and Ole Caliente. A couple great bright shades from Essie!


Y’all know I can’t paint in the lines, everybody needs help with that off-hand. 


A bit of oil to attempt to save my poor move-torn cuticles. Didn’t do much, but it felt great while it was on there. 


Leo thinks multicolored nails are crazy. Thoughts?


Lastly some toes to prep for the warmer months ahead. Leo mentioned that from far away I look like I have a bruised toe tip.I think I just wanted to wear some stripes for a few days. What do y’all think? Toes a good place to get crazy? 


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