Why do I love my new locale?

Well, we've been here one full month. As I think back, this place is really awesome. Here are the reasons, from month one, that I'm thrilled with Denver:

– I moved with my best friend, always a plus
– Everyone, and I mean everyone, here is friendly (example, I'm jogging tonight (miracle) and EVERY person I passed smiled and said hi)
– Bars all have buy one, get free drinks at night until like 7:30 and from 9-12 on Friday
– Even when drinks aren't on special, it is super in-expensive to go out
– People don't get as hammered here as they do in Chicago, it is lovely and refreshing
– You can almost always find a table and have friendly service
– Speaking of service, sales staffs here are SO nice it was initially off-putting, I was confused!
– Healthy is a way of life, not a choice here (hopefully it is going to rub off on me :))
– Groceries are inexpensive – legit I spend roughly 30% less on a week of groceries and I'm eating every single meal at home
– Speaking of, I eat every meal at home, so when I go out it feels special and I don't feel bad about buying good food and drinks
– I haven't purchased a single cup of coffee since I moved here
– There's a fancy grocery – Whole Foods – 2 blocks down my street for specialty items or quick grabs
– There's a non-fancy but amazing grocery about 8 blocks away with plenty of parking!
– King Sooper's is the best grocery store I've ever been to. More on that later.
– Lots of people our age moved here in the past three years, so everyone we meet wants to offer advice, support or just to be friends
– Tom's and heels are both equally acceptable in every bar I've been to here
– Likewise, people with all different styles hang out, no judgement, in the same establishment!
– Coors Light is the norm. #heaven
– The mall is gorgeous and everything is just a drive away??
– I don't have to take public transit at all (thank goodness as I have a severe love/hate relationship with the CTA)

There's my month one list of what I love about my new city. As someone that's never moved before, I keep wondering, are all of these types of things normal to discover and be amazed by? What do you think? When you moved to new cities, what were you surprised by?

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