Manic(ure) Monday and a Purchase

Mani/pani went great with a bit of shopping while visiting my folks in Georgia. Heard good news about my Grandma – her condition improved quite a bit since Saturday! Relaxed with a new puppy, a not new new puppy and my kitty at home, and saw the family toad that lives on my parents sidewalk at night. And now it’s time for Leo to come home! A great past three days and start to a very crazy week. No complaints here.


New case for my iPad. I needed some color and to keep it protected!


Purple-y grey and turquoise on the digits. Thanks, Essie, for making such lovely colors!

Also did a ton of summer shopping this weekend. I never do a big seasonal shopping, but it just made sense because I found the two items I was looking for in tons of colors. Literally perfect.


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