{trip report} Day 3: Santa Barbara Harbor & Brophy Bros.

Check out the Mission, drive through the town, walk around a bit, but make for damn sure you go to Brophy Bros. Restaurant and Clam Bar. The view, the staff, the food, not sure what was my favorite, but this place ranks in my top memories from my entire trip. 


Few things warm my soul more than an active fish market – smells and everything. Clearly Caleb was intrigued as well. 



Not sure how this happened, but for my favorite meal, I didn’t capture but one picture…of my second oyster. It was amazing – the fresh taste of the ocean, earthy and lemony. I was probably too busy scarfing super fresh little shrimp with tons of horseradishy cocktail sauce, then a warm bowl of the best clam chowder I’ve ever had to shot pictures. Wrap me up with a heaping bowl of seafood pasta and this place gets my vote. The resulting food coma was glorious. This mid-afternoon meal replaced lunch and dinner. 

My brother had a sharkfish (or something) and wasn’t impressed, but my parents enjoyed the salmon dish they split. The atmosphere swayed us incredibly positive either way. 


My parents smiling while we walked around the harbor. We stopped and looked at boats for sale along the shops and dreamed about life in Santa Barbara. It could happen! This was the first place we visited in California that I could see myself living. The house styles, the ocean, the general calm of grown up successful hippies does a place really well. 




Have you been to Santa Barbara? What did you think in comparison to other California towns?


2 thoughts on “{trip report} Day 3: Santa Barbara Harbor & Brophy Bros.

  1. My mom lives in Santa Barbara. It is a really nice place. I think the only question would be finding a sufficiently compelling job.


  2. You know, that’s what I’ve heard! But if I could swing it, the place definitely felt special to me…What’s her favorite restaurant in town? When I make it back, i’ll be looking for recos!


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