{trip report} Day 3: Madonna Inn and Dessert

There’s not much that I can say about the Madonna Inn. It feels like Dollywood meets…I don’t even know. It also is quite magical in a weird romantic sort of way. Each room has a different design and there are restaurants and dancing rooms to serve all the rooms. This place came recommended from my dad’s co-worker, but we were warned that it was “charming” and “quirky.” I loved it. Tacky, gaudy…the walls have holograms… but entirely charming.  


Christmas decorations? No. Normal decor. 


The bathrooms were a mix of old saloon and … where do hot pink hologram walls fit into design?


And then there’s this. Some of the most fresh strawberry cake I’ve ever had. A wonderfully polite young (15?) waiter with the driest humor I’ve come across in a while made it even better. Between the strawberry cake and the chocolate cake? We were happy.


The history of this place is a really sweet love story. And the families and couples that were dining were really sweet. It was almost like a supper club, but it was full of happy couples celebrating their love in the resort’s unique design. My brother and dad tell me the men’s bathroom is a site to see – something about waterfalls?

If you’re traveling through California, notably central, this place is a must-visit. For a few hours, it was a great evening snack after our massive midday meal at Brophy’s Bros. Have you stayed at Madonna Inn? I want to hear about your room!


One thought on “{trip report} Day 3: Madonna Inn and Dessert

  1. I have always wanted to visit this place. I always see such amazing pics from there! I would love to stay on in of the crazy cool rooms!! I’m having a Fall bootie giveaway I think you’ll love, pass by and check it out if you like!-Vhttp://stylishlyme.com/


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