Tis the season to remember what we’re thankful for, so I figured a quick list was in order!

  • Family near and far, almost all of whom I’ve been able to see at some time this year
  • Friends, oh friends, how wonderful you’ve been this year! From weddings to smaller celebrations to walks for water and coffee in the office, I’ve been so lucky to have such great friends. Moving across the country last year was a challenge, but my friends, new and old, constantly remind me that I have so much to be thankful for.
  • My future
  • A great year closing out that was full of new experiences (engagement, Miami, New York, the list goes on…)
  • Leo – he continually supports me in every decision I make which makes life wonderful
  • Travel and everything that comes it, including the wonderful folks at Southwest who make travel a breeze, the strangers who have given us directions and recommendations…and I’m really thankful that I’m able to travel. I know it is a luxury that I work hard for, but I’m truly thankful for the opportunities I have to see the country. And next year – maybe another country. 🙂
  • Coffee
  • Books
  • People who recommend books
  • The Library! Since I started volunteering at the Denver Public Library, I’ve been extra thankful for this public service. They let you take books home for weeks at a time — FOR FREE. Imagine that.
  • Eggs (don’t judge – I love the little suckers and feel that all good meals made full of love often have eggs in them)
  • Technology. Say what you want about how important it is to shut down and turn off once in a while (I agree), but technology provides me a job, let’s me FaceTime with my parents whenever I want and keep in touch with friends and family around the world. That’s a great thing.
  • Chocolate and/or ice cream. It stands with coffee as one of those things that makes everything better.
  • Christmas. I love everything good about it and happily turn a blind eye to much of the negative aspects of the holiday season. There is enough good to downplay the bad.
  • Flannel shirts (times 7 because that’s how many I bought at a pre-black friday sale. Oops.)
  • Monogrammed everything. For this I blame the College Prepster and Cinco Powell. See, I won a customized monogrammed Cinco Powell bag on the College Prepster blog, and I’ve been getting tons of compliments and suddenly, I have a new obsession.
  • Writing, and more importantly, the time to do it in this month.
  • Lady Grey tea, a softer, more citrusy version of Earl Grey which has been in my cup almost as much as coffee this fall and into the winter.
  • Magazines – especially Town and Country, Smithsonian and Bon Appetit this month.

Like I said, I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Cheers to this year and the year ahead!




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