The Summer of Laid Off and in Love

Getting laid off is scary. Getting laid off is emotionally draining. Interviewing for jobs drains every last drop of energy that you have. Submitting dozens of resumes, cover letters and forms only to hear back nothing is frustrating.

That was the narrative at the start of our summer when Leo and I knew both of our jobs (which we loved and thought were our forever jobs) were coming to an end. And then we shifted gears. Majorly.

Getting laid off together is awesome. We should get a dog knowing we’re both going to have all this free time – happiest day ever! Getting laid off together at the start of the summer is so much fun. It’s the best time of year to be unemployed! Each interview is a chance to  decide if that’s the path we want to take our lives. Submitting applications, dozens of them, and hearing radio silence still sucks in this narrative, in case you were wondering. We get to spend time together, laugh, go on adventures together. Getting laid off together is, overall, awesome.

That white stuff is chalk. That blue stuff is the sky. Oh beautiful bluebird Colorado skies.

We both consider it a strange blessing to have been laid off because we got to spend three full uninterrupted weeks enjoying each other. We celebrated our new house. We spent a ton of time playing with Mixie. We drank lots of beer and wine. We ate great food. And my favorite part? We spent 5 days camping around Colorado!

First up, Buena Vista, where Leo’s old coworker (and some of our favorite people) – also laid off – purchased a piece of land. The best time to hatch a dream? When you’re both laid off. We hope to be as lucky as JT and Moira and own a piece of paradise in the next 10-15 years.

About fifteen minutes outside of the adorable town of Buena Vista.
This is our American Dream – the dream of one day owning a small piece of land in the mountains.
Good people on good land. What else could you need? Jobs not required.
Congratulations to the new landowners. Thank you for your hospitality, the nicest camp toilet I’ve ever experienced and for fueling our dreams.
Oh – and thank you for showing me proper technique on splitting wood. I feel like a more confident woman.
Spending some time with the chainsaw after working the hammer and splitting wood for the fire. The sun was starting to fall lower in the sky. Time to prep the s’mores!


To say we are lucky to have come out of the laid off situation with our heads still above water is an understatement. We know we are lucky. I hope that everyone of the 14,000+ folks that were laid off from Sports Authority this summer gets back on their feet. But I can only reflect on my situation, and we decided to make some damn sweet lemonade this summer. Love the life you live. Live the life you love.


4 thoughts on “The Summer of Laid Off and in Love

  1. Great post! Getting laid off is super stressful (I’ve been through it too), but it’s been really refreshing and inspiring to hear how you changed your perspective on it!


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