Day 2 of our Summer Mountain Adventure

Day one, Buena Vista. Day two, Cottonwood Lake. We meant to camp up there, but when we pulled up it was a more formal campground than we wanted. We wanted some seclusion and don’t love camping on concrete slabs close to our neighbors. We’ll have plenty of time for that when we have kiddos. For now, we prefer some privacy away from other campsites.

Plus, there were such strong winds, we weren’t going to be able to take our our new kayaks (thanks, Sports Authority, for that employee discount!). So, we stopped. We took pictures. We ate peanut butter and jelly sammies and then we cruised on to our next spot – the tried and true Twin Lakes!

Mixie gets car sick. A lot. You see that dripping nose in her close-up? She was probably about to puke. Like she did 5 miles after we left our house the day before. And then 45 minutes after that. And then 30 minutes before we got to our first destination. We had a lot of puke on day one of the trip. Because that’s the best way to start off five days without access to a shower.

We figured out the trick to keeping her vomit free on day 2: if we can get her to look out the window, have fresh air in her face and hold her super tight so she isn’t unsteady in the car around turns… she might not puke. Good thing I love having a 40 pound dog on my lap snuggling for 3 hours. 🙂 The Mixie Monster is the best pup in the whole world. She loves camping, being off the leash, exploring with us, and chasing bugs.

Hi Cottonwood Lake! You’re a beaut.
Sun is shining, life is good.
Mixie Monster and me ridin’ dirty in the Jeep.
Every adventure needs a mascot. Mixie is our mascot.
I’m probably whispering positive affirmations in her ear about not getting carsick.
Just a man and his best friend going for a quick stroll by the lake.
Jeep! We finally made it to our next destination – Twin Lakes.
This here lake…it’s good for our hearts, our bodies, our souls. I’m so thankful to live in a country with public land like this.
Mixer the licker.
Always take awkward selfies where you block the gorgeous backdrop. Always. Mixie also wants to remind you ladies to embrace your wrinkles.
Leo stepping in to capture me and my girl!
The new North Face tent was a dream – easy to set up, sturdy, and Mixie-approved.
Getting lost in the trees and a good book while swinging on a hammock. My favorite pastime.
Home is where you make it.
Nap time is the best time.
Hiking a tiny section of the Colorado trail…
All to take in the sun sinking slowly behind the mountains around Twin Lakes.

Day 2 of our 5 day adventure was a success! Day 3… we ran into some challenges. But more on that to come.

If you missed day 1 (Buena Vista), swing back over to catch up!

Want to see more of the majestic Twin Lakes? Stop by my post showcasing a long holiday weekend celebrating this amazing country.


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